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From the first day we made the decision to take my father to Our Place Senior Assisted Living we knew it was the right one. They welcomed him with open arms and smiling faces. Paula and her staff are warm and compassionate and helped our family with Dad's transition to assisted living. The staff truly cares about the residents and are very attentive to their needs. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this home. They have worked hard to build a family feel into the home and I would say they've succeeded ! It is comforting and puts my mind to rest knowing he is being well taken care of and is not alone anymore :)

Mary D. 

Regina DeRush was 91½ years old when she needed help in her home. We did not have any experience with senior assistance. We found “Our Place Senior Assisted Living” on the Internet and it was the first (and last) place we called.  spoke to Paula Martin at length and knew right away we had found the right place for Mom. Paula is so kind, informative, devoted, and compassionate, we knew we had found the perfect people to take care for her. She had in-home care for about 3 weeks. Every single Staff person that attended to Mom was caring and compassionate with her. Her every need was tended to promptly and with care – food, bathing, medications, comfort – but, most importantly, every Staff person that talked to Mom made her feel relevant, needed, and comfortable. Mom could no longer take care of herself and Mrs. Martin was opening “Our Place Senior Assisted Living”, in Chesterfield. Mom was the first senior to live in the house. It was newly renovated and Mom absolutely loved her new “home. Again, her every wish was their command. She was so happy to be there and to be loved so dearly. We cannot express enough the compassion and devotion Paula and her Staff provide. All of them are totally committed to their seniors. The care provided to Mom was outstanding –from the clean house to the meals that were prepared to birthday parties to playing games – everything was above and beyond. Mom made new friends and we, as a family, were very comfortable with leaving her there because we knew she was being taken care of and happy. Unfortunately, we lost Mom on December 8, 2015. She was comfortable and not in any pain. Again, thanks to Paula and her Staff of wonderful aides and nurses she went in peace. We will be forever grateful to Paula, Layne Martin (her husband who is just as compassionate and devoted) and all of their Staff for the wonderful care Mom was provided. We never doubted that they loved her dearly. We would like to thank Paula, Layne, Latasha and all the others for taking care of Mom in her last days and being such wonderful people. Our appreciation is beyond words.

Thank you,

The DeRush Family
Michael, Maria, Robby, Julia, Christopher, Holden, Marc, Loreen, Stefanie, Curtis, Brooke, Kendyl,
Laura, Ron, Landon, Michele, Roger, Lindsey, Brian, Dane, Sherry & Jac

Finding assisted living care for a loved one can be a daunting task for any family. It's a stressful time when deciding to take a loved one out of their home. Most people would agree the most important factors to consider when making this decision is ensuring your loved one is: safe, cared for, warm, clean, fed, stimulated, and in a loving environment. That is what we have found at Our Place Senior Assisted Living care facility. Having our father, John, in an in-home assisted living environment gives him (and us) the feeling of, well, "being at home." All the measures are in place to ensure his well-being but the measures are less transparent which makes the facility less "medical like" and more like a home. Paula and Layne care about their customers and try to accommodate the families the best they can. They host parties for the residents and their families which include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc. Paula will also schedule appropriate in-home activities for the residents to participate in; one example was pumpkin decorating during Halloween. Another plus, the cost was very competitive and affordable. The business is very clean, organized, newer and decorated beautifully. Nothing will compare to your loved one's home, but when the time comes to make this difficult decision, please consider Our Place Senior Assisted Living facility -they have created a safe and loving place that will welcome your loved one and ease your worries during the process.

Thank you!

Melissa / Mike Shevela

When I made the difficult decision to transition my mother into hospice care after a series of debilitating strokes, the hospital recommended Our Place Senior Assisted Living as my mother required 24 hour care which I unfortunately was not able to provide. I feel very blessed to have met Paula Martin and her compassionate staff as I know my mother is well taken care of during this stage of her life. The Fuller Street residence feels just like a home and is airy with plenty of natural light. The home cooked food looks and smells great and they are willing to cater to the seniors' likes and dislikes as much as possible. This process has not been easy on me or my family, but Paula and the staff have been caring and considerate to all of us providing support and a willingness to listen. While my mother cannot communicate verbally, I know she is comfortably resting and is always clean and well dressed. Paula has established procedures with her staff to document updates regarding of the residents during every shift and the information is readily available for families to review. They also document how much each senior is eating and when pain medicines are given. These updates provide me much comfort to know how my mother is doing every day given her situation. I receive daily updates and pictures via text of my mom during the days I am unable to visit which mean a lot to me. Paula and her staff treat my mother with kindness, dignity and respect in her last weeks to months of her life. My mother has created special bonds with each of them in her own way and I know they also care about her as well. Our Place Senior Assisted Living facility is a great option if you are not able to take care of your loved one and I feel better with the decisions I had to make because of them.

Diane Prenger